by Brittle Brian

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hayden beautiful and intimate. gives me that feeling of nostalgia for something i never actually experienced. Favorite track: Lizard Eyes.
Nick Werr
Nick Werr thumbnail
Nick Werr This entire thing is raw, genuine and simply brilliant, you have a new fan in the UK. Keep making music, you're an artist. Favorite track: Hospittle.
Erick Flores
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Erick Flores Stop staring at me.

Is this uncomfortable to listen to ?? or is it just so good that it doesn't matter?

Hmmm. The music (and by extension the emotional weight the music carries is included when I use "good" to describe this) is good that I just can't help but wanna relate, but I can't and more importantly shouldn't.

When anonymous people, like myself and the other commentators, exclaim about music like this is it cathartic for the musician or does it pollute. Ok I'm getting ahead of myself cause that's more of a question of self confidence and other assorted intangibles.

listen to this, and then send a text to someone ur close to telling them that you appreciate the hell out of them.

Last thing, and if you're still reading this, thank you. do musicians carry the ability/skill to make music like this with them all the freaking time? that is still really freaking cool to me. music rules. bye
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Made in my room(s) Fall 2014 - July 2015


released July 16, 2015

Thanks Adam Jenn and Carter and Jamie I love you all so so much I always will // even if I don't see you for a long time or ever again -- Thanks Frank and Scott for lessons and for being encouraging in high school -- Thanks Colin for the samples in Frosted Tips thanks for existing
I can't stop time



all rights reserved
Track Name: EV Human
I don't think I have to hide
Now that you know that I'm real
I think I will go outside and smoke another cigarette

The more you think yourself a monster
The more I feel boring
I'll keep getting quieter until you have to lean in

I'm a sponge I'll act like you
Wring myself out when you leave
I get too cold and that's why I act a little mean

Negative feedback loop
That's how two become one
Either you change together
Or you disappear for the better
Track Name: Plant Boy
Let me know when you get out
I'm gonna take the car and drive around
I'm gonna take you to that neighborhood
Where all the parents let their kids do drugs

We meet up at reservoirs and aqueducts
And in state parks 'Cause I know you're not a city boy
Oh I know you're not a city boy

I want to be your only friend
Wanna take you by your crusty hand
I want to rub your skin with dirt and sand
I want to make you raw and make you cry
Track Name: Hospittle
Do you get everything that you want?
Oh ok, understood
I wanna be a pretty boy
Ooh baby I’d be so light

If I gained weight then would we date?
Probably not because you are so real to me

Eat more, get your teeth done, I am so quiet are you having fun?
Roman candles are a bad idea
You’ll lose your stomach
I say this ‘cause I’m the first born

A whole year in 20 minutes
I promise that I’m almost finished
Track Name: Lizard Eyes
I'm not scared of feeling ugly
I am scared of being lonely
But when I'm alone I make things
To fill that hole
And then I feel smarter and I feel better

I want to talk in poems
With someone who won't roll their eyes
I wanna talk in images
I see pictures in my head
Describing them just feels more honest
Than telling you how I feel
By using words like happy and sad

You have scaly lizard eyes
And I've never been so warm towards
Something so cold
You use the sun to boil your blood
Then use your lungs to suck out my blood
I don't think I wanna touch you
But I also wanna touch you