If I die before age 25 please play "Some Things Last a Long Time" by Daniel Johnston as covered by Built To Spill at my funeral

by Brittle Brian

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released November 16, 2014

Photo of dog by Jamie Espino
Thank you Jamie



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Track Name: Devil
I am so young they tell me
I have so much time ahead of me
but I don't necessarily have that time

I could die any minute
and I want to be living
I get sad about friends leaving

Daniel Johnston said that true love
would find me in the end
But Daniel Johnston is single and he's
older and he's sick

And I love him but I don't know
if I necessarily believe him
that things work out in the end

Because what if I died tomorrow
and I was feeling how I do now
which isn't awful but not great

I wouldn't think that would be a
satisfying way to go
I think I feel like I have more things
to offer in this world